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Senior Data Engineer

We are looking for a Senior Data Engineer to support our Data & Technology team. Data is at the center of our users as they leverage business intelligence reports to make data driven decisions. This person will continually work to enhance, enrich, and monitor our data pipelines with strong attention to detail as we acquire data for new assets, customers, vendors. This position is ideal for someone who is passionate about data, organized and detail-oriented, who loves to make chaotic situations run smoothly, and understands the value of strong processes.

You are a process- and results-oriented person, passionate about the type of work Generate is doing, and looking to apply your experience to help scale a growing business and drive critical internal process efficiencies.

If you have the below experience and capabilities, we’d love to hear from you:

  • A demonstrated 10-year track record in data pipeline design (both batch and streaming) on a distributed data processing platform and have proactively built defensive, yet optimistic data loading patterns.
  • Proficient in advanced SQL (any variant) and at least one major language (e.g., Java, Scala, Python) that efficiently interacts with SQL. You strive to write beautiful code that is easily read by a junior developer or analyst, and you are comfortable with picking up new technologies and tools.
  • Past experience with financially savvy teams within the renewable energy space and understand their terminology and processes for reporting, analyzing, and predicting favorable outcomes with the data you provide.
  • MS degree in Engineering, Math, Statistics, or equivalent practical experience in building from the ground up a fully functional data warehouse
  • Strong communication skills to partner with knowledgeable users and stakeholders of data. You love being the bridge between Finance/Asset Managers/daily users of data who are experts in their space and know the value of intricate data.
  • A passion for coaching and giving constructive feedback to peers on how to improve their coding efficiency. Your combined personality of being humble and empathic, with deep critical thinking talents that comes with years of experience of solving problems and providing for alternative solution makes you a leader in the data space.
  • You are always looking for opportunities to simplify, automate tasks, and build reusable components reusable across multiple use cases and teams.
  • Familiar on how Tableau (or similar tool) interacts with data and what is the best way for Tableau to consume / display the data efficiently and effectively.
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