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Director, Marketing & Communications

We are hiring a Director of Marketing and Communications to drive our brand development, messaging, media relations, lead generation, and partner and customer acquisition activities. Reporting to the CEO, your work will be imperative to building our brand and scaling our impact.

You are a natural storyteller, synthesizer, and problem-solver — able to manage many moving parts and turn technical or complex concepts into clear, digestible messages. You are constantly struck by new creative ideas and novel, clear ways to communicate them. You love words, design, and art, and would really love to strategically employ them in a way that creates significant real-world change aligned with your values. You are articulate, authentic, and dedicated to building long-term relationships and results (No cheap content. No cheap assets).

Candidate requirements and qualifications:
• 5-8 years’ experience in marketing financial products or technology solutions, ideally within the renewable energy and/or asset management sectors
• Thorough understanding of our partners’ and customers’ needs and how they work
• Unimpeachable integrity and glowing references
• Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, including empathy, intuition, and listening as well as strong writing, editing, and basic design skills.
• Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders
• High level of self-awareness and humility, with excitement about confronting uncomfortable situations or new challenges
• Intellectual agility, curiosity, and creativity; problem-solving is your default mode
• Entrepreneurial spirit: flexibility, comfort with risk, recognition that “perfect can be the enemy of the good”
• Superior project and time management skills and high attention to detail
• Experience sourcing and managing multiple communications and design contractors for quality and timeliness
• Savvy with Microsoft Office. Graphic design skills are a plus
• Experience with sophisticated, minimalist, tailored and/or high-value brands is an asset

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