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Senior Program Manager, Building Systems

Generate is hiring a Program Manager/Senior Program Manager, Building Systems to manage and coordinate activities associated during construction and asset management for a variety of building technology upgrades on large portfolio of buildings with a single MUSH customer Generate owns and operate. Initial scopes of work for construction would include building envelop, BMS upgrades, LED retrofits and HVAC. Ongoing Asset Management includes LED maintenance, Active Energy Management and Active Operations. Generate has developed the projects leveraging top tier partners that are in charge of practical execution and the main responsibilities will include managing subcontractors, administration of project Smartsheet database and budgets, and maintenance of relationship with mid-level decision makers within the host organizations.

What you will be doing at Generate Capital as a Program Manager/Senior Program Manager, Building Systems:

For portfolios in construction or development:

  • Manage and coordinate all activities from inception to final completion all activities associated with a variety of building technology upgrades on large portfolios of buildings. Scopes to include building envelop, building management systems with hedge devices intelligence, lighting, HVAC and others energy efficiencies retrofits.
  • Perform as the day-to-day point of contact for all program stakeholders, including mid-level executives within site host organization.
  • Thoroughly understand the relationships, contracts, details, key milestones, and deliverables associated with building systems program and manage all stakeholders (site host, technical designs, subcontractors) to successful completion.
  • Ensure technical design process is fulsome and includes all relevant stakeholders.
  • Plan and execute various workstreams across buildings and technologies simultaneously.
  • Communicate weekly status updates to all relevant stakeholders.
  • Lead internal and external meetings as necessary.
  • Administer master portfolio database in Smartsheet and budgets.
  • Track project progress and deliverables; ensuring that responsible parties are aware of requirements and keeping records of compliance.
  • Identify project risks and develop mitigation efforts.

For portfolios in operations:

  • Thoroughly understand the operations of each facility and identify opportunities for performance improvements, actively keeping abreast of current market trends, technological developments, and strategies employed by other owners to ensure that Generate’s asset management is on the cutting edge
  • Lead the identification and implementation of strategies for further optimization, both operational and commercial
  • Manage short and long term costs and produce highly accurate forecasting for asset P&Ls
  • Working closely with Accounting and FP&A to ensure the accuracy of asset financials, assist in responding to audit requests, and produce monthly variance analysis
  • Assist with onboarding new assets to your portfolio, including tranching, documentation, and ensuring that other internal stakeholders receive necessary information and deliverables
  • Identify and maintain relationships with key stakeholders and partners relevant to your portfolio, including but not limited to: incentive program managers, customers, vendors, and financing counterparties, and manage disputes and other issues as needed
  • Become a subject matter expert in all material contracts associated with your portfolio, utilizing and helping improve upon Generate’s framework for contract compliance and risk management
  • Track equipment and performance/availability warranties in a structured and scalable manner. As needed and in conjunction with O&M contractors, identify possible warranty claims, compile supporting documentation, and lead the claim process. Use findings of this process to champion continuous improvement in Generate’s contracting and procurement practices
  • As needed, create and run RFPs or otherwise source appropriate vendors to serve the portfolio’s requirements, focusing on building relationships with best in class providers and creating market-leading strategies and structures
  • Assist in due diligence and formulation of operating assumptions for possible new additions to Generate’s portfolio
  • Develop and implement a long term plan for maximizing the performance of your portfolio
  • Work with the Information Technology team to develop data-driven tools for assessing the performance of your portfolio and monitor emerging risks and opportunities
  • Drive organization and optimization of internal Generate processes to contribute to a best-in-classs asset management program

Candidate qualifications & core characteristics:

  • A demonstrated passion for, or commitment to, our mission
  • 15+ years’ experience in commercial construction or facilities management, with extensive experience managing programs and portfolios.
  • A 4-year degree or equivalent work experience and certifications
  • Exceptional attention to detail, organizational skills, and follow-through
  • Effective written and oral communicator capable of managing multi-directional relationships with senior-level executives.
  • Ability to manage multiple budgets, schedules, and priorities simultaneously.
  • Proficient in the Microsoft Office suite and Smartsheet.
  • Prior exposure to Salesforce helpful
  • Unimpeachable integrity and glowing references
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, including empathy, intuition, and listening as well as strong writing, editing, and basic design skills.
  • High level of self-awareness and humility, with excitement about confronting uncomfortable situations or new challenges
  • Intellectual agility, curiosity, and creativity; problem-solving is your default mode
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: flexibility, comfort with risk, recognition that “perfect can be the enemy of the good”
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